The goods



Our sour starter just celebrated its first birthday! Join us in celebrating all the sour glory of this signature loaf.


Caraway Rye Sourdough


After many requests, the caraway rye sourdough has made it to our weekly bread list!


Dinner buns

Light, fluffy pillows of bread heaven. These are always the first to go at Brynn's house!

Cinnamon Raisin

You asked, we listened. Our tried and true cinnamon raisin bread is here to stay!



Weekly feature bread

Something new each week!

Whole grain spelt sourdough

A wholesome loaf with a mild sour flavour and ancient spelt grains, which can be easier to digest than wheat.


Cranberry Sourdough


The people have spoken and another one of our features, cranberry sourdough, has made it to our weekly bread list!


The seedy assortment in this loaf creates a rich nutty flavour and packs a fibre and energy punch. There's no better base for your dream sandwich.


Pizza dough

The perfect base for your next pizza night, these individual crusts come in packs of four and are ready to bake. Throw your toppings on and you've got yourself the easiest crowd-pleasing meal there is!



Scones- sweet and savoury

Sticky buns

  • plain, pecan or cream cheese iced


  • plain, chocolate, almond, savoury




Jewel brownies

German chocolate brownies

Date bar with hazelnuts

Berry oat bar


Cake pops



Twisted Goat Coffee

An assortment of Shuswap Infusion Tea


Chocolate Caramel Pecan

Brynn's ultimate go-to, this is the perfect balance of all of our very favourite flavours.


Chocolate cake, cream cheese icing, salted caramel drip, toasted pecans.  

Tip: Substitute cream cheese icing for chocolate ganache to make this vegan!

London Fog

Transport yourself to the rainy, cobblestone streets of Britian with this delicate treat.


Earl grey-infused cake, black berry filling and cream cheese icing.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Chocolate cake, raspberry filling, chocolate ganache icing.

Can also be made with cream cheese icing (not vegan).


Vanilla Cheesecake

Vanilla Cheese cake, ginger cookie crust make the base of this cake.


Then, choose your own adventure of fruit toppings:

raspberry, blueberry, blackberry or mixed berry

Vegan Cakes

Chocolate raspberry truffle


Chocolate caramel pecan *please specify if you would like it vegan


Carrot cake

*please specify if you would like it vegan

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake + cream cheese icing = a match made in heaven. 


Our take on this classic is topped with toasted walnuts and a salted caramel drizzle.

Tip: Substitute cream cheese icing for coconut icing to make it vegan!

Raspberry Almond

Almond cake, raspberry filling, coconut icing.

Gluten free, dairy free

Vanilla Raspberry

Vanilla Cake, raspberry filling, cream cheese icing white chocolate shavings.

Oreo Cheeesecake

Perfect for the cookies and cream lover in your life!

Dairy-Free Cakes

Almond raspberry

Chocolate raspberry truffle

Chocolate caramel pecan *please specify if you would like it vegan

Carrot cake

*please specify if you would like it vegan

Gluten-Free Cakes

Almond raspberry