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Building a joyful community

one treat at a time

Artisan baked goods made with fresh, local ingredients and with a whole lot of love.

Life's short - make it sweet!

 Come by for a coffee or a treat any time from

9 - 3, Tuesday to Thursday and 9 - 4 on Fridays and

10 - 4 Saturdays. You can also pre-order here on our website.

We can't wait to see you! 


Our breads

The OG team. We always have these vegan, sugar-free superstars on hand. We're always switching things up with our features too!


Our sour starter is as old as we are! Made in 2019 when we first started our journey at the Kamloops Regional Farmers market! Join us in celebrating all the sour glory of this signature loaf.

Whole grain spelt sourdough

A wholesome loaf with a mild sour flavour and ancient spelt grains, which can be easier to digest than wheat.


The seedy assortment in this loaf creates a rich nutty flavour and packs a fibre and energy punch. There's no better base for your dream sandwich.

Pizza dough

The perfect base for your next pizza night, these individual crusts come in packs of four and are ready to bake. Throw your toppings on and you've got yourself the easiest crowd-pleasing meal there is!

Dinner buns

Light, fluffy pillows of bread heaven. These are always the first to go at Brynn's house!


Every Saturday be surprised by a different sourdough bread. Be it Olive, Garlic Jalepeno or Maple Walnut. We try come out with a feature that fits both the season, as well as your taste buds!

Order your cake online now!

IMG-071 (1).jpg

Did you know?

Brynn has dreamed of opening her own bakery since her teenage years.


Happy campers

“The sourdough is great any time of day and the pre cooked pizza dough is to die for!”


“The bread is always baked fresh. Tried their pre-made pizza dough and it made awesome pizzas in the oven. Crispy on the bottom and soft and chewy on the top. So good!”


“Love love loved the sun-dried tomato twist bread picked up at today’s farmers market! ... Highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t tried this in Kamloops!”


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